• WBFF Diva Fitness World Champion
    Learn the secrets from someone who has walked the walk.
  • WBFF Australian Team Captain and Global Ambassador 
    Be guided by one of the most respected leaders in the fitness world.
  • Personal Trainer to Over 100 Fitness Models, Bodybuilders & Athletes
    When results matter, the best choose Alicia Gowans.
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People at the gym always ask me, “How do you get that ripped
look?” They say no matter what they do they can never achieve that stage ready look.

I tell them that they’re closer to it than they think. Actually, I can get most of my regular clients that finished stage appearance in just 30 days!

To prove it I created an intensive 30 day program that would produce tangible results in virtually anyone, I then shared it with a bunch of regulars at my gym... 

Their results were truly amazing. More than a few tears of joy were shed when people finally started to achieve their desired bodies. Many achieved more in 30 days than they had in years of unguided training.

Their stories have inspired me to help more people get on the road to success, so I’m releasing my 30 Day Shred program for free, for a very limited time.

The 30 day shred is the perfect program for anyone trying to get real results fast. My 30 Day Shred program gives you a day by day, exercise by exercise breakdown of exactly what you need to do to kick-start your fitness journey.

My specifically formulated program takes out the guesswork, making it simple & easy to make a positive change to your lifestyle today.

Easy to perform body weight movements, resistance based weights sessions, stretching routines & effective low intensity cardio programs literally holds your hand through a 30 day introduction into what training with internationally published WBFF ambassador & professional fitness model is like. Start losing fat & toning up now, get started today!
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